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6 Facebook alternatives for photographers

If, like me, you never publish your pictures on Facebook, or you simply want to make your photography more social using other platforms, this post is for you. This is part of a presentation I made on social tools for photographers during my monthly photographers group meet-up, where I focused […]

Google+ for photographers

Should you move your portfolio? Will Google+ kill Flickr? Is it better than Facebook? Well, who knows. All we know for now is that Google+ has been open to a chosen few for just over a week and generated a lot of excitement – or frustration, if you haven’t been able […]

1pound40 unconference – a couple of after-thoughts

This week I managed to get to Thomson/Reuters’s swanky headquarters in Canary Wharf to take part in an unconference called 1pound40. Some great minds – from journalists to social media specialists – spent the afternoon discussing the impact of social media on politics and news, among other things. Not surprisingly, […]

Do we control the tools?

If you’ve ever used your mobile camera to photograph an event – be it a gig, somebody’s birthday party or a fellow passenger on the bus – and then subsequently posted the picture online for everyone to see, you must have asked yourself a question: is this morally ok to […]

Don’t forget about the content

In all our conversations about how to use Twitter, we seem to forget about one crucial thing – the content. What you say says a lot about who you are. Granted, not everyone is on Twitter to spread groundbreaking ideas, analyse the world in 140 characters or offer you solutions […]