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Brand new Flickr

*UPDATED* We wanted it, we got it. The new, and completely revamped Flickr is here. It kind of happened without a warning. I was browsing my photo stream – pondering the future of Tumblr – when Yahoo! served me yet another surprise. This page: The new site’s main features are […]

Heeeeeeeere’s FLICKR!

In a way I feel like posting this now is a bit pointless as it’s probably been discussed a million times everywhere.  And perhaps your conclusions are similar. But here it is. Flickr is likely to become cool again. There, I said it. OK, it’s clearly been helped by the […]

Quick tip: how to log in to the (new) Flickr app for iPhone

Something incredible happened last night. Flickr surprised everyone by upgrading its iPhone app. Not *just* updating – upgrading. Revamping. Relaunching as something completely new – and in fact, usable. Yay. That’s when – and if – you can log in. If, like me, you were forcibly logged out during the […]

The Flickr overhaul we’ve been waiting for?

If you missed the news last night, Flickr is getting ready to bite back. All, it would seem, thanks to its Head of Product, Markus Spiering. An article published by Betabeat claims Spiering is getting ready to unleash the revamped beast by the end of February. This is likely to […]

6 Facebook alternatives for photographers

If, like me, you never publish your pictures on Facebook, or you simply want to make your photography more social using other platforms, this post is for you. This is part of a presentation I made on social tools for photographers during my monthly photographers group meet-up, where I focused […]

It’s been a good week

At least for my photography. First, the image I submitted for a project by the New York Times called “Picturing 7 billion” was chosen for their Facebook page. That made my day on Friday. Later that day I got a mention on the Lens blog too, which was great. The […]

My Google+ request

Google+ has become an online Mecca for photographers in a very short time. While many people still don’t ‘get’ Google+ (it’s a topic for a separate post), many photographers have embraced the new network and – in some cases at least – decided to abandon Flickr for good. Those who […]

The spider that got Explored

  It’s a nice feeling when you wake up and fellow Flickr users inform you your picture has been chosen to feature on Flickr’s Explore page. Not sure what else it means apart from a little boost to my ego and a few more eyeballs checking out my work. Which […]

Why Flickr’s Explore is ‘unfair’ and other links

Ever wanted to be featured on Flickr’s explore page, but didn’t know how others get there? Photopreneur has an interesting post explaining how Flickr’s algorithm selects images for the Explore page. Worth a read, even if you hate Flickr or don’t give a damn about reaching a wider audience. Abelardo […]

Flickr gets a new interface

UPDATE: If you’re looking for the February 2012 Flickr update, it’s here. Oh, I do like nice surprises! Last night I discovered a preview link on my Flickr page, which takes users to what will ultimately become the new Flickr interface. The facelift was long overdue. I can’t remember any substantial changes […]

People in photos – Flickr's new function

Do you remember what you felt every time you realised your friend had tagged a picture of you on Facebook? And do you remember how you felt when you couldn’t do anything about it? Luckily Facebook later added a bit of new functionality, which meant you could untag yourself. And […]

Flickr galleries

Flickr has been getting a lot of flak for a while and some of the criticism is probably justified. People are pissed off when their ‘pro’ accounts expire and some or all of their pictures become unavailable overnight, Yahoo! the owner of Flickr hasn’t done anything with the interface for […]

7 things you should know about Flickr

So who hasn’t heard about Flickr? It’s been around for ages, but I’m always surprised to see how many people don’t know some simple tricks about the service. Did you know it’s dead easy to swap images? Worried about image theft? Or maybe you need more exposure? How about selling […]