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Brighton Marina welcomes you

Brighton Marina. Sounds exciting, eh? It’s actually a nice place – full of boats, restaurants, bars and people. But how do those people get there, you ask? Well, they can drive. Or, like me, they can walk. The last option is however only for the brave. And not just because […]

Arlington West

In a country of replicas, another copy of a better-known icon should not surprise anyone. Yet, seeing a replica of a cemetery in the middle of one of the most famous beaches in the world and next to a loud, cheap and equally famous pier couldn’t have come as a […]

Big is beautiful

Although you wouldn’t know that, if you looked at most online picture galleries. It’s been bothering me for quite a while: why is it that so many online publications seem to be proud of their picture galleries and attach so much importance to the visual aspect of news, yet completely […]

Keep calm and carry on (shooting)…

If the recent media stories about the threat to our freedom to photograph in public places worry or anger you, don’t let them. As for every “Photography under threat” headline, there’s an amazing story on how photography changes or at least influences lives . So, don’t worry, photography is not […]