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My London street photography – 2015 so far

Here I was, thinking that I have no time for street photography and that film production has overtaken my life completely. But a quick rummage through my 2015 files (unbelievable how quickly they pile up) made me realise it’s actually not been as bad as I thought. True, I haven’t done many […]


Stockimo – or how to sell your iPhone photos

What do you do with your mobile images apart from uploading them to Instagram or Facebook? If you take more than selfies, sunrises and food porn shots, check out Stockimo. Backed by Alamy, Stockimo has been created exclusively with mobile shooters (iPhone only for now) in mind. Their strapline – “Cash […]

Chasing the African storms

I’ve recently come back from South Africa, so please excuse the persistently African theme on this blog over the next few days. But to begin with – no lions or any other of the Big 5. Just an African storm. A lightning, in fact. We were very lucky with the […]

Chasing the storm

Dungeness at twilight

I was doing a bit of location scouting last weekend and ended up in Dungeness just before sunset. (That’s an achievement for me as I’ve been planning the Dungeness trip for ages and ended up there almost by accident.) It was freezing cold and almost empty, which made the normally […]


Before I die…

I’m not sure whether that’s pure street art or something else. I’m not even sure who did this or how long it’s been there. I found this on a hoarding in front of a dilapidated house in Union Street, Southwark. Just several unfinished “Before I die….” sentences and hundreds of […]

The things you see in London…

  Stoke Newington, north London, yesterday afternoon. It’s a mobile shot. I was so amazed by this – and I was laughing so hard – I forgot I had my camera in my bag.  

Summer 2013 in pics, part 1

It’s been a good summer for photography of all kinds. There has been no single theme or focus, but there have been a few pictures I’ll always associate with the summer of 2013. Here’s a small selection. This has for some reason become my most popular image on Flickr ever: […]

In pictures: Surviving a thunderstorm in Kazimierz

Kazimierz, also known as the old Jewish quarter in Krakow, Poland, is an atmospheric district that acts as a counterbalance to the postcard-perfect old city centre, full of lovely venues but also swarming with endless weekend stag parties. Kazimierz is old and crumbling. Such statement, I guess, generates a slightly […]

Adobe Lightroom 5 – five favourite video tutorials

Despite the recent controversy regarding its move to Creative Cloud (and CC’s pricing model), Adobe still produces a fantastic, stand-alone piece of software for photographers, called Lightroom. It’s also part of the Creative Cloud, which is subscription-based, but the standalone-product is more than sufficient for most photographers and also – […]

Being a tourist in my own city

Yes, I know. Photographing Big Ben is dull as hell, but being an (imaginary) tourist doesn’t necessarily mean taking pictures of the same five landmarks. Last week and the week before I spent some time in and around some of London’s tourist hotspots – Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, […]

Brand new Flickr

*UPDATED* We wanted it, we got it. The new, and completely revamped Flickr is here. It kind of happened without a warning. I was browsing my photo stream – pondering the future of Tumblr – when Yahoo! served me yet another surprise. This page: The new site’s main features are […]

The Beachy Head lighthouse

I’ve taken a break from street photography. Not intentionally – it just happened. But it looks like replaced it temporarily (and again, not intentionally) with landscape photography. After my recent Dartmoor post, here comes the Beachy Head lighthouse. I’ve always wanted to do the East Dean to Eastbourne walk along […]