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Side projects and paragliders

This is my latest video. It’s also my latest side project. It was never planned. I was driving to Beachy Head in East Sussex on a sunny Sunday morning and spotted a bunch of paragliders on the side of a hill. I stopped the car, asked a farmer whether it’s […]

Creative types

Recently I met a wonderful – and wonderfully talented – man called Dave Walker. Dave draws cute (I hope he doesn’t mind the word ‘cute’) and funny cartoons. And he’s wildly popular. He focuses on two subjects: bicycles and church. Both of which have lots of fans. Dave works in […]


2013 – the year when a lot changed

And not always by design. But – to use a cliched saying – ‘change is good’. Even though it may not always seem welcome at first. But I’m jumping ahead of myself. The beginning of the year was relatively quiet. And I’m talking here about my photography and video. On […]


London 1927

Everybody has been sharing this video today – and once you watch it, you’ll know why. It shows London circa 1927 through the eyes of one Claude Friese-Greene. As the description that came with the video explains, this is “incredible colour footage of 1920s London shot by an early British pioneer […]

Paris vs New York

Simple is beautiful. But sometimes to make something simple you need to put a lot of effort in. This lovely animation  by Tony Miotto I found on Vimeo shows – in a simple, yet, quite time-consuming (for the creator, that is) way – the differences between Paris and New York. […]

Silent World by Lucie & Simon

This is as spooky and possibly unsettling as it is awesome. Street photography as you’ve never seen it before. Two Paris-based photographers, Lucie and Simon, produced a series of images from four major cities – Paris, New York, Rome and Beijing – but without the usual crowds, without any cars […]

One man, thirteen half-marathons

Gareth Ralphs lost his son, aged 15 months, in December 1999. This year, to celebrate what would have been Max’s 13th birthday, Gareth is running thirteen half-marathons to raise money for Daisy’s Dream, a Berkshire charity which supports children and their families affected by life-threatening diseases or bereavement. I first […]

A photographer’s journey – James M. Barrett

500px, Google+, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook. We’re bombarded by images daily, many of which are superb. Often their creators are not trained or even experienced photographers. Many of them have done – or still do – something completely different for a living. Others do follow a more traditional path and work […]

The Milky Way

I remember the first time I saw The Milky Way. Not an image in a book or online. In real life. Right in front of my eyes. Or rather way above my head. It’s a mind-blowing experience, something we never see in big, light-polluted cities like London. I was in […]

Always get a window seat

No matter how long you have been taking pictures, there’s always something new you can spot while snapping the world from a plane. But some people are luckier than others. This guy used a tripod and his Canon 5D Mk II, plus a 16-35mm lens, to create a 2-minute timelapse […]

London Street Photography at the Museum of London

As soon as the medium of photography was invented, people started taking photographs in the street. Mind you, initially they didn’t have much choice. The first cameras were so bulky and exposure times so long that it perhaps made sense to stand in the middle of London and take advantage […]