The Aegean – an iPhone 6 film

Towards the end of 2014 I travelled several times across the mind-blowingly stunning Aegean Sea between Athens and the Cycladic Islands. Each time I filmed some footage using just my iPhone 6, hoping to be able to edit it into something meaningful later. I had other video gear on me, but […]


If you’re curious, you’ll love this

I think I was 11 or 12 when I sent my first letter to a local TV station to ask them if I can come in one day and see the studios and how they make live shows. To my surprise, they replied and invited me the following Saturday. I […]

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 08.06.31

Creative types: Rob Lowe aka Supermundane

I first met Rob several years ago and already back then he was a kind of a cult figure. Drawing funny characters, creating simple, but beautiful visual treats, using curved lines and lots of imagination. Since then he’s started his own studio and became a successful artist creating a wide range […]


Dear London, will you dance for me?

I recently shot a music video for a British-Norwegian band, Casa Murilo. Not my first venture into the music video world, but definitely my first where I was in total control of the project. I loved the track (called ‘Drive’) and I’ve managed to convince them to ditch their original […]

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I fell in love with a pole

Well, not just one…. You know what they say – when taking pictures in the street, look up to see more interesting things. (They do say that, don’t they? DON’T THEY?) In any case, never has it been more true than during my Greek holiday last month. We all know […]


Awe-inspiring women: Tammy Parlour

I met Tammy a few years ago when she commissioned me to take some pictures for her site. That’s when I discovered the fascinating world of hapkido, a Korean martial art, which Tammy has been practising for over 30 years now. Since then we’ve worked together on a video for […]


Michal Dzierza Visuals on Facebook

This is just a quick note to let everybody know I have a new Facebook page for my video and photography work – Michal Dzierza Visuals. I’ve decided (at last) to separate my private posts from my video and photography updates, which from now on can be found here (was […]


Beautifully made video about typography

Titles and credits are usually the last thing I add to my videos when I’m ready to wrap up the post-production. And I guess I’m not the only one. I do try to find a good font to match the subject and the mood of the video, but normally end […]


William Morris’s Red House

Thanks to a flying visit by my cousin – an art historian – last weekend I discovered William Morris’s Arts & Crafts-style Red House in Bexleyheath. Set in the middle of a sprawling, moderately attractive (that’s me being diplomatic) suburban jungle, the Red House was originally built when the area was mostly […]


Side projects and paragliders

This is my latest video. It’s also my latest side project. It was never planned. I was driving to Beachy Head in East Sussex on a sunny Sunday morning and spotted a bunch of paragliders on the side of a hill. I stopped the car, asked a farmer whether it’s […]

Working with WST

This post originally appeared on Meehow Media.   In April Meehow Media started working with London-based charity, Women’s Sport Trust, on a new video to highlight WST’s grant recipients. The brief was to show why the three individuals/groups are passionate about what they do as sportspeople and explain how the […]

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Like a bird….

I love unexpected side projects. This one wasn’t even planned. I was driving to Beachy Head last Sunday when I spotted a bunch of paragliders on the side of a hill somewhere in rural East Sussex. I saw a farmer on a field nearby, asked him if it was ok […]

Train journey into town

There’s no big story behind these photos. I took them last week on the way to a meeting in town. It was a seriously cloudy afternoon and I just loved the gloomy atmosphere. And then there was that guy with the weird face….      


Almost summer

Not sure why, but I completely forgot to post it earlier. Filmed a couple of weeks ago in Richmond. See more of my videos here.

Almost summer

Look down. Then up.

I went to Tate Modern today. To reset my brain. But also to take some pictures. I have been too busy with video projects for clients and needed to change my perspective a bit – and take some stills. There are always some great photo opportunities at Tata. Today was […]