Where Waterloo Bridge ends…

…a subway begins. The bridge offers some of the finest views of London (in fact I think the finest view of London – I used to cycle to work across Waterloo Bridge every day, and every day it was a mind-blowing experience). But the subway – while not equally charming […]


Not quite noir, but …

Yesterday was one of those rare days I was able to pick up my camera and roam the streets of London taking pictures and filming for pleasure, not for money. So I shot what I love shooting: street. I wanted to use just one 85mm lens, but ended up using my […]


Crystal Palace Subway – my short NatGeo film

Hidden underneath a busy south London street is a piece of  history rarely seen by Londoners. It’s called the Crystal Palace Subway and a group of local volunteers wants to reopen it to the public. Accessible mostly during London Open Days, the subway – or foot passage – forms part of a […]

Crystal Palace Subway

The best of (my) Lumiere London 2016

The festival of light has been and gone. I’m sure it’ll be back, it was delightful. Mostly. When it worked. I went with a group of friends on Saturday night and judging by how popular some of the installations were – and how completely packed the temporarily traffic-free roads were […]


Storehouse: how to kill a great app

I’m really really sorry to say that, but the new Storehouse 2.0 app is dreadful. And I know I’m not the only one feeling completely disappointed. It’s been my favourite app for months. Wonderfully easy to use, a clever way of creating rich, visual stories based on a combination of […]

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Two films, two festivals, three screenings

If the math in the headline doesn’t make sense, let me explain. Over the past several months I’ve been shooting more and more films using my iPhone 6. I’m not the only one to enjoy the simplicity of creating more than decent-looking films using a smartphone (usually with minimal, if […]

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I’m now part of Apple’s World Gallery

Have you ever seen the Shot on iPhone 6 images? I bet you have, they seem to be everywhere – tube, billboards, online, newspapers. The Shot on iPhone 6 campaign by Apple has become one of the most recognisable campaigns of the past 12 months. Launched in March, the campaign […]


Hello, I am…

A few weeks ago I got an email from Martijn Baudoin, a Dutch designer and filmmaker, who’s been creating short, 1-minute videos featuring talented creatives. His series, “Hello, I am…” features tattoo artists, fashion designers, illustrators, etc. Having seen my series Creative Types – Martijn asked me if I wanted […]

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Bus stop

Taken at a bus stop near London Bridge, London. Camera: Fuji X100S. My b/w street photography and colour street photography galleries have had a refresh, have a look.


New man in London

My latest short video portrait introduces Leng Montgomery, a London-based young man who at the age of 25 decided to start living the life he’d always wanted. Leng is one of the Diversity Role Models speakers and he also appears regularly on various panels and talks with media professionals about trans issues.


I like the new, flatter Instagram, but…

I hardly ever look at Instagram in a browser. Why should I? But last week’s redesign made it more appealing to look at. Simpler is almost always better. It’s clean, flat and great for browsing individual profiles. (If you know the url). But it’s still completely useless if you want […]

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The coolest place I’ve visited in a while

I was surprised how expensive Mr Toppers in Tottenham Court Road has become. I haven’t been to a barber since I decided to cut my own hair. Or what remains of it. At Fred’s barber shop in Dubuque, Iowa, it’s $11 for adults and $10 for seniors and children. Cheaper […]

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Dan Rubin: Curiosity & Opportunity

How can being curious help your career? This is the main question behind our video series called Curiosity & Opportunity, I’ve co-created with Ian Sanders (iansanders.com). In episode three, shot entirely on an iPhone 6, we meet Dan Rubin, photographer, designer, creative director, for whom the iPhone has become one of […]